Human Condition

Four women collaborating across the UK and Australia, across East and West Coasts, and across the disciplines of film, dance, and sound. Originally intended as an in-person collaboration this evolved into a virtual work starting in
earnest as COVID-19 swept the world and turning into a trilogy that was completed as Europe finally came out of lockdown in 2021. The grace of the work has transcended limitations and provided a lifeline of creativity through tough times.
A work centered on the body; on intimacy; our human response to vibration, sound, melody, and dreams, and the co-existence of the masculine and feminine. A work with no pre-determined ending or beginning and a piece that embodies the sum of their combined resonances.
Director: Rose Alice, Aneka Manners
Producer: Aneka Manners,
Key Cast.
Rose Alice
Festival Status: Winner, Best Experimental Short Film


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