In an age when demolition is a way to get rich, and when energy is a way to get rich, people’s desire is endless, but it doesn’t last long, because the hole in the bubble economy becomes a hole in the family. We have to face the hole. Do we play with it or drag ourselves into the abyss? The eldest in Ma’s family owed a huge amount of debt due to the bubble economy, and the second embezzled fund of the eldest to fill his hole. The eldest was depressed due to unsuccessful loans and shouldering everything for the second. The third was a director with a dream of a film. When the family had some hidden dangers, he wanted to help the eldest, but reality beat fantasy. The eldest finally took his own life in anger. At the end of the film, when three brothers sit around the ice hole where the eldest once jumped, the third said the eldest dared to jump in the deep hole! The eldest slightly said: getaway! This joke ends the film. The hole at the end of the film is still there, but laughter to life is a way of life! After all, grass grows when the snow melts.
Director: Siligeng
Writer: Chenwuyunna
Producer: Maruiping
Key Cast
Festival Status: Winner, Best First Short Film.

Director Biography!
In 2009, he studied in the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama.
In 2015, he starred in the film “Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” directed by Lu Chuan.
In 2017, he starred the realistic theme of entrepreneurship inspirational TV drama “Northern Earth” directed by Haschaolu, and he played the part of Huatou; in October 2017, he co-starred with Fan Shaohuang and Xu Jiawen in the film “Rascal King 3” directed by Yin Chenyang and played the part of Hei Xing.


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