From Tom on

Marielle is bored with her life. That changes when she one day comes across an ad for a research project in which they are looking for a woman who wants to give birth to a Neanderthal baby.
Director: Maria Vallin
Writer: Maria Vallin
Producer: Maria Vallin
Key Cast
Amanda Runestam “Marielle Lindgren”
Martin Hendrikse “Jens Taddeo”
Oskar Hallander “Gillis Degander”
Kathryn Leroux
Gustav Aspengren
Ludvig Hällje
Festival Status: Winner, Best Director Short Film, Best Cinematography Short Film.

Director Biography!
Born in 1990, in Umeå, Sweden.
A part of Öga för tand.
Öga för tand is a movie-making collective. In 2021 we released our first short film, The Opportunist (official selection in Sveriges kortfilmsfestival and Ladybug Filmfestival). In 2022 we completed our second movie, From Tom on.
– The Opportunist/Opportunisten (2021), writer, and director.
– From Tom on/Från och med Tom (2022), writer and director


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