Floating Holidays

Mika, who suffers from a mental disorder, suddenly has a visit from her young brother, Mah-chan who has always been a pain in her life. Meeting him after all these years after he was gone, gets her thrown around everywhere. However, by going to all kinds of places in Ukiha city, Japan with her brother, and talking things over, Mika regains herself back. Not just through medical treatment but also through her interactions with society and the people, also with the changes in her inner self, Mika’s mental health begins to improve within a few days without her even realizing it.
Director: Yumi Masuda
Writer: Yumi Masuda
Producer: Daisuke Ito, Tetsuhide Mitsumine, Nobushige Urabe, Shinzo Matsuhashi.
Key Cast
Kohei Takeda
Marina Kozawa
Megumi Kagurazaka
Shuko Sugawara
Keiko Oshima
Miki Sumiyoshi
Festival Status: Winner, First Feature Film, Best Director Feature Film, Best Cinematography Feature Film.


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