Filmmaking is always my interest: Michael Benson

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Michael Benson was born in Wexford, Ireland. Although my current interest and career path are that of film, documentary, and media production my original career background is rooted in the field of Youth and Community work and I have an honors degree in Social Science.


Would you like to share your inspiration as a filmmaker?

People inspire me. Well, at least the interaction and dynamics between people do, whether that be on a micro community-based level or on a more global scale. As a filmmaker, the visual aspect of storytelling is what excites me most. The idea that you can revisit worlds that no longer exist or indeed immerse the viewer in worlds that have never ever existed through the creative process of film excites me greatly.

People connect with people not5 things and through film, we have the opportunity to give the viewer permission to feel and connect emotionally to the people or characters involved in the material they are watching.


When and how did you begin your filmmaking career?

While I always had an interest in film as a process it was somewhat by accident that I made my way into it at a creative level. Ten years ago I decided to buy myself a motorbike (perhaps as somewhat of a midlife crisis event who knows!) but after paying the deposit I discovered that as my bike license had lapsed I would have to take all the tests again. Deciding that this was not something I wanted to do I stuck with my car and having got my deposit back I then invested in my first camera system and began making plenty of filming mistakes and shooting bad footage! lol

How many films have you made, and which one is your own favorite?

I have worked on numerous projects both for film and TV. As a DOP/Camera/editor I have developed around six shorts or feature short films. Ranging in style from Gangster to Horror to alternate realities. I like them all for different reasons. To consider which is my favorite is a very difficult question to answer and I think if I am to be honest my favorite is always the one I am working on at the time.

Tell us something about your experience with your 1st ever film project, isn’t it a very special thing to remember forever?

The thing I remember most about my first film project was talking myself into getting the job and then thinking “what the hell do I do now?!!. I had better make it work now! Thankfully I managed to make all the elements come together and what we finished up with was a very presentable piece of film that actually went on to receive awards from three festivals around the globe.

How would you describe work as an independent filmmaker, isn’t it more challenging?

As an independent filmmaker, it is indeed more challenging given the ever-present difficulties around money and finance. Therefore, a lot of time gets spent working corporate and promotional jobs to finance an income (I have an aversion to hunger and cold! ) and then afford the time and space to work on passion projects that very often yield little or no income but instead feed the creativity and passion that film ignites in anyone involved in the industry.

What’s the most exciting thing for you in filmmaking?

Time and time again the most exciting thing for me in filmmaking is seeing what was an almost abstract concept that exists nowhere other than in someone’s mind become a tangible, physical thing that many people can enjoy.

What Projects are you currently working on? And what are your future plans in the industry?

Presently I am about to begin shooting a reworked adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with a group of talented young people here in Wexford and cameras roll for this project starting on June 20th.

Where can our readers follow and see your film work?

It is possible to see some of my work, both the good and the bad on either my YouTube page, Michael Benson Productions, and also through my Facebook page under the same name.


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