Emotionally Harm…

It explores a possible future in the form of a dance-drama, where human beings take the initiative to transform themselves into a cyborg that combines the physical and mechanical and have the ability to directly perceive the emotions of others. How will this affect our daily lives? The technical props in the dance drama include emotional buttons, emotional storage crystals, and emotional clouds.
Director: Gongjie Liu
Writer: Gongjie Liu
Producer: Gongjie Liu
Key Cast
Scarlett “actress”
Yifan “actor”
Guang Yang “Filming Director”
Mingqian Zhang “photographer”
Yilin Du “makeup artist”
Festival Status: Best Experimental Film

Director Biography!
Gongjie Liu
Liu Gongjie has studied at the University of Florence, the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, the Polimoda Fashion Institute, and the Asian University in Taiwan, China, and his works have won the Red Dot Award, the IF Design Award, and the A-design Award. Liu gongjie has exhibited her works nationally and internationally. Most recently his experimental dance drama was exhibited at dutch design week 2021.


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