Drive Away

Kang-Woo, who is tired of life, drives to the sea on a whim after being fired. He goes out to the beach with a box and encounters drunken Jae-young by chance. Jae-young says she will help him throw away the box. They share a strange journey for a day and realize that they are similar to each other.
That night, they have a long talk while being drunk in Jae-Young’s house. Kang-Woo reads a poem written in Jae-Young’s notebook. And suddenly, he hears a telephone ringing.
The next day, Kang-Woo wakes up at his home. He finds out that he lost his memory. In his pocket, there is a small note with Jae-Young’s telephone number. On the other side, there is a poem that Kang-Woo read yesterday.
Kang-Woo and Jae-Young constantly try to find the meaning of their lives, but there’s nothing changing. After suffering emotional distress, Kang-Woo returns to Jae-Young. He confesses that he wants to be with her.
Jae-Young responds to the confession. Finally, they drive away together, through the dark.

Festival Status: Winner, Best Experimental Film.


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