Dr. Saville’s Horror Show

Dr. Saville’s Horror Show is a horror anthology hosted by the devious and sinister Dr. Saville. As he tortures his latest victim, he weaves together three dark and twisted stories. “Consume’ – A bride-to-be takes drastic actions before her wedding day when she swallows a bioengineered tapeworm to help with her weight loss goals. “It’s Complicated” – A picky bachelor awakes to find the woman of his dreams curled up on his kitchen floor. As their whirlwind romance escalates, he finds a dark side to his new lover. “Break” – Barricaded in his home during an undead outbreak, a loving father struggles to keep his two children safe. However, the greatest threat to the family’s chances of survival lies closer than the zombies clawing their way in.

Festival Status: Winner, Best Horror Film.


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