Don’t Look Back

A car pulls into a driveway in the dead of the night. A tense feeling hangs in the air between Mary and her boyfriend Jacob as they sit in silence. Mary is frozen in the car, caught in a trance after experiencing a traumatic night. Fragments of memories invade Mary’s train of thought as she’s forced to relive one of the worst nights of her life. She must learn one lesson after her experience tonight. Don’t Look Back.
Director: Cade Nieves
Writer: Blayke Rietman
Producer: Cade Nieves
Key Cast
Isabella Ziino
Ryan Beaver
Matias McDonald Bascur
Festival Status: Winner, Best Actress Short Film.

Director Biography!
Cade Nieves
Cade Nieves is a second-year film student currently studying at SAE Institute’s Perth campus. Don’t Look Back offers his first endeavor into directing a short narrative film with a small crew.


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