After the sudden death of her child, a woman with postpartum psychosis struggles to determine which, if any, of the dark thoughts in her head are real. Her family, close friends, and psychiatrist act as both support and as stumbling blocks as she battles to maintain her sanity.
Director: Mark A. France
Writer: Mark A. France
Producer: Mark A. France, Troy Randall-Kilpatrick, Heather Fairbanks, Tricia L. France.
Key Cast
Heather Fairbanks “Andrea Townsend”
Troy Randall-Kilpatrick “Donald Townsend”
Walker Fairbanks “Joey Townsend”
Terri Partyka “Dr. Janice Crane”
John Tynan, Jr. “Alan Townsend”
Sue Kernish “Ruth Townsend”
Debra Levasseur “Amy Laws”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Actress Feature Film, Best Actor Feature Film.

Director Biography!
Mark A. France is an award-winning filmmaker and special effects artist from lower- Southeastern Michigan and has been involved in the local film industry for over twenty-five years. Having started out as a special effects assistant on the science fiction horror film, “Mosquito”, Mark eventually branched off and learned various aspects of filmmaking, from on-set photography to producing and directing.
Over the expanse of his filmmaking career, Mark has worked on various projects, from comedy to horror, as well as delving into several dramatic shorts and features. He has worked on over sixty short and feature films. He and his wife, Tricia, co-own Sandstorm FX & Productions and he also co-heads Crooked Limb Studio & Productions with Troy Randall-Kilpatrick and Lee Mills.
Aside from his work on the film, Mark has also worked on various stage productions, supplied seminars at a number of high schools for special effects work in film, as well as given seminars at the Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival and Michigan Film Festival for special effects work in micro-cinema.
Mark is also an avid photographer, chef, and YouTube personality.


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