Deep Inside

Just like every other youngster, Vishal Bhatia loves to live his life to the fullest, having fun with friends and cares a damn for the rest of the world. After his father’s demise, he takes over the entire business, only to get busy looking for more fun, until that night of his Birthday.
Seen partying with his friends that night, wakes up to find himself trapped inside a box, his life takes him for a Rollercoaster ride since then. Left with a phone bearing few contacts of least help and with less than 2 hours of oxygen to survive, he starts using his abilities physical and mental to the extreme to come out of it. Having no clue of who must have done this to him and for what reason, he starts analyzing his past, from every relation to another, every person near and dear, Passing through the Shattering Realities, and crawling over the wall of self-realization, Will he find his way out? Or the one who has trapped him has some other plans…
Director: Bharath Bhushan Nethi
Writer: Bharath Bhushan Nethi
Producers: Nethi Karuna
Key Cast
Pavan Aryaveer Rajput “Vishal”


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