Freya has recently become a widow and raised her daughter Hannah as a single mother. They return home from a summer holiday. The two are settling back into the routine. It soon becomes a nightmare when an intruder snatches her daughter and attacks Freya. With no memory of the incident Freya relies on her family friend Bruce to help find a lead, Freya has no choice but to take things into her own hands and begin the hunt to find her baby girl.
Director: Priscilla Catania
Writer: Nathan Itter, Priscilla Catania
Producer: Priscilla Catania, Nathan Itter
Key Cast
Priscilla Catania “Freya”
Nathan Itter “Bruce”
Maria Tevelis “Tammy”
Daniella Catania “Hanna”
Daniel Cajkusic “Detective Dean”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Short Film, Best Actress Short Film, Best Director Short Film.


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