A scarring physiological drama that explores the fetishization of black bodies through the investigation of a date gone wrong.
While tending to his scarred skin, 20-year-old Marcus Taylor gets a knock on the door. John McCallister, a derailed yet seasoned detective, has been sent to question Marcus regarding the events of his date with a gorgeous Portuguese exchange student, Angelina Giordani – – A date at Angelina’s own home, where Marcus unknowingly becomes a part of the Giordani’s long history of morbidly dark traditions. Marcus tries to prove his innocence but John’s implicitly racist thoughts blind him from the answers he needs. During this uncomfortable dynamic, both are left puzzled as a piece is missing. The neglected details lead to revealing the gruesome results which force both Marcus and John to overlook the tension between them as they work side-by-side.
Best First Short Film
Best Director Short Film


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