Breaking Dawn…

Hsinlee, a 27-year-old girl decided to commit suicide after her fiance left her abruptly. While dying, she noticed the Lifeline free service number printed on the charcoal bag. She tried to dial the number with the last threads of hope. After the guidance of a psychological counselor step by step, Hsinlee began to express her sorrow, suppression, and passion through painting and cooking. Not only does her talent illuminate the people, but she realized the truth that beauty and love actually originate inside her…

Director: Yanzi Ding.
Writer: Yanzi Ding.
Producer: Yesand Production.
Key Cast
Yi-Hsin Ding “Hsinlee”
Zu-Wen Wu “Hsinlee’s sister”
Gywnne Hui “Amber”
Gywnne Hui “Psychological Consultant(V.O.)”
Jason Lee “Hsinlee’s Fiance(V.O.)”
Festival Status: Winner, Best Director Short Film.

Director Biography!
Yanzi Ding
Yanzi Ding is an immigrant writer and actor based in Taiwan and New York. Her stage play has been presented at the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA), and her script won 11 Best Screenplay at film festivals around the world, including the finalist in the Oscar Academy Awards qualifying festival—Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival.
She focuses on creating artworks and collaboration among diverse groups around the world for her vision that all artists can collaborate regardless of borders one day.





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