Boxer Blood&Sweat

Although he never really got to know him as his father served during the Iran-Iraq war and died when Amir Ali was a newborn, the 12-year-old Amir Ali still seems to suffer from the loss of his father.
In the meantime, there has been a truce between the two fighting countries since 1989. The only thing reminding him of his father is a wrestling medal which he clings to until this day. Amir – Ali’s father – won it in a tournament before the war.
To support his mother (Shirin), Amir Ali works at a carpet cleaning company with his best friend Said. He feels like he must be the man in the house. And so he violently defends his mother against immoral approaches by strange men.
After Shirin feels overwhelmed by Amir Ali’s upbringing, she signs Amir Ali up for boxing lessons. Amir Ali finds his true calling in this sport. And at the same time, he finds a new father figure in his trainer. Amir Ali becomes a passionate boxer, aiming to become a champion. And of course, winning a medal just like his late father.
Years pass by and despite graduation and military services, the lives of the two friends Amir Ali and Said seem very hopeless. Amir works as a day laborer and lives in a shared apartment in Tehran. The only thing Amir Ali clings to is his passion for boxing. Unfortunately, this sport is neither supported nor promoted in Iran as it is an American sport.
When Amir Ali is persuaded by Said to accompany him to a “forbidden party” to meet the girl of his childhood dreams again, Amir Ali makes a mistake. This costs him his boxing license.
Although he finds his true love and they have a common child, this doesn’t make life easier for him. He desperately takes every opportunity to support his family. He seems to have come to terms with his life situation.
But when a chance arises to regain his boxing license and to take part in a tournament. He must decide. The winner is given the opportunity to be signed by a German boxing association. Amir’s big chance comes to life.
Determined and full of strength, he faces the challenge. It seems as if the tides are finally turning. But then a stroke of fate throws Amir Ali off track again…
The only question that remains for him is: how will things continue and how far is he willing to go for a change? And above all: can he live with the consequences?
Director: Nima Nadaf
Writer: Nima Nadaf
Producer: Nima Nadaf
Key Cast.
Yousef Teymouri “Amir Ali”
Festival Status: Winner, Best First Feature Film, Best Actor Feature Film


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