The film leans into the sci-fi genre in creating a space of wonder and heroism for young people amidst a time when the world can be a scary place with a lot of fear and uncertainty. Our protagonist Jules looks up to the stars and wonders if we will ever get to explore the worlds and galaxies we are yet to see or even begin to imagine. Love and exploration are the central themes that bind the story together. And, of course, there are some intergalactic villains along the way.
Director: Robert Petrie
Writer: Robert Petrie, Angus Kneale
Producer: Angus Kneale, Melanie Wickham, Verity Grantham
Festival Status: Winner, Best Animated.

Director Biography!
Robert Petrie
Rob’s love of art was born at age 7, when his father, an illustrator in London’s Soho, put an airbrush in his hands and said, “Push on the nozzle and see what happens.” As a stream of bright red paint sprayed across the page as if by magic, it ignited his lifelong love for art and his passion for visual storytelling. Throughout his career as an animator, director, and designer at companies including The Mill, Moving Picture Company, and most recently with Preymaker, Rob has found ways to fuse technology, art, and emotion into compelling and original human stories. His work has garnered awards at the prestigious Cannes Lions, the Paris OFFF Design Festival, CLIOS, and VES Awards. A lifelong music lover and guitarist, Rob has also collaborated with Depeche Mode, creating the tour visuals for their 2017 world tour, and most recently has worked personally with Lady Gaga, using Unreal Engine to create and direct 8 minutes of real-time animated content for her year-long Las Vegas residency.


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