Traumatized by a stalking incident, Cathrine struggles on her way back home with the inerasable sense of following footsteps behind.
Director: Qinwei (Judy) Li, Tingfeng Zhu
Writer: Qinwei (Judy) Li, Tingfeng Zhu
Producer: Qinwei (Judy) Li.
Key Cast
Eran Zelixon
Festival Status: Winner, Best First Short Film, Best Actress Short Film

Director Biography!
Qinwei (Judy) Li, Tingfeng Zhu
Judy Li is a filmmaker based in Waltham, Massachusetts. She is currently a student at Brandeis University, majoring in Film, TV and Interactive Media (FTIM) and Creative Writing, and is set to graduate in Spring 2023. Judy enjoyed her film production classes during college and has been hooked ever since. Her dream is to direct her own feature film one day and is currently building her body of work as a director, writer, and cinematographer.
Tingfeng Zhu is a filmmaker based in Waltham, Massachusetts. He is an undergraduate FTIM student at Brandeis University and will graduate in Fall 2022. Tingfeng likes writing drama stories and minors in Creative Writing. He also enjoys doing video editing and shot designs. By gaining experience in directing and cinematography, he expects to participate in film production in the future.


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