Before Departure

Will they find means to communicate before departure?
Director: Robert Nilsson
Writer: Robert Nilsson
Producer: Robert Nilsson
Key Cast
Emelie Dahlskog
Olle Petersson
Festival Status: Winner, Best Actress Short Film, Best Actor Short Film (May 2022).

Director Biography!
Robert Nilsson
Robert Nilsson is a former computer technician who in 2016 decided to follow up on those movie-making dreams. Being into solving practical problems for short films without a budget he began building attributes and larger props.
He is best known for his art department work in the feature film The Unthinkable, TV series Top Dog and First Responders.
His directorial debut was with Breven (Letters), in 2018. A short, based on true events surrounding his grandmother’s death.
He is currently in the process of exploring genres and aims to learn new things with every production he participates in. His goal is to write and direct feature films.


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