Eli is a young girl who is traveling through a Badlands area. Her car gets stuck and she starts to walk in search of help. Then she observes a caravan in the distance and she decides to get closer. She gets in the caravan and someone locks her.
Director: Gabriel Chicano
Writer: Gabriel Chicano
Producer: Gabriel Chicano
Key Cast
Caterina Stanley “Eli ”
Pablo Herrera
Festival Status: Winner, Best Horror Film.

Director Biography!
Gabriel Chicano has been working as a journalist and screenwriter for entertainment shows on Spanish TV for more than 10 years.
The horror-short movie Badlands is his first one as a producer, screenwriter, and director.
He’s currently filming and editing his first documentary movie as a producer, screenwriter, and director. Which shows the battle of 4 families whose children suicide due to school bullying.


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