In a world in ruins, economically annihilated, devastated by the germ of anger, and reduced to an urban desert, a man moves alone.
He drags himself wearily, day after day, clinging to the daily routine of now useless work and the memories of his past life with his wife and daughter, reduced to death by the virus that has taken over the world.
But is it all true?
A single event, apparently insignificant, will precipitate everything into true (raw) reality.
Director: Roberto Loiacono
Writer: Roberto Loiacono
Producer: Roberto Loiacono, , Mario Cellini , Luca Rasetti , Rosanna Tringali , Lucio Barbati

Key Cast.
Mario Cellini
Lucio Barbati
Maria Occhiogrosso
Cristina Palermo
Chiara Porcu
Ludovica D’Antona
Marco Sarro
Davide Capostagno
Marcello Tappa
Festival Status: Winner, Best Director Feature Film, Best Actor Feature Film



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