Anbirkum Undo

A lovely Malayalam Speaking Muslim couple, Aneesh and Jaseera reside in a beautiful village on the slopes of the Western Ghats near the Tamilnadu-Kerala border. Aneesh runs a small business in the village. They love each other so much and their life is as beautiful as the blossoming nature of the ghats. They live in a joint family which has many children but unfortunately, Aneesh’s wife was not blessed with a child even while they were approaching their late 30s. Aneesh comes home one fine day to find out from his cheerful wife that she is pregnant. They rush to the village hospital to confirm the pregnancy.
Director: Arul Sankar S
Writer: Arul Sankar S, Prem Danakanth
Producer: Joan Preethi, Maghil Priyan
Key Cast
Jaqlene Prakash
Karthikeyan Ayyachamy
Arun Nishanth
Master Vivan
Baby Hiba Fia
Sheeba Thahir
Festival Status: Winner, Best Short Film.


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