In politics and administrative representation, the domination of lower and middle talents has been introduced everywhere today. Democracy is endangered by fascist forces, the impending crisis of human existence. Does artists’ foresight see the future of life? So see
your own death.
The depressing loneliness of such people still makes people think. Dibyajyoti Roy, such an uncompromising former filmmaker has given up filmmaking due to a lack of a suitable environment. Corruption and nepotism have alienated him from his workplace. The same effect is in his own house too. Gradually the protagonist of this film began to suffer from the crisis of existence. Dibyajyoti’s son-in-law Abhimanyu was brutally killed at this juncture. He loved the poet-journalist Abhimanyu very much. The fighting man erupted in anger. He began to create public opinion for justice. But in society, in the world, in the workplace, and inside the family, conflicts are involved everywhere today.
Festival Status: Winner
Best Feature Film


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