Sweden Film Awards is a 1st Monthly and Annual International competition here in Sweden, which accepting films from all over the globe, offering awards in various categories.
We work to create an opportunity that allows filmmakers to submit their work and get them judged by the very qualified, professionals, and experts in the fields of filmmaking.
Monthly winning films in the main categories will be publicly screened and compete during the annual film festival of Sweden Film Awards.

Online Screenings

All monthly winning films will be published on our website with the permission of the submitter, if the filmmaker decides not to show his/her film online, so his or her film will not be included online.

Jean Noël Rey

He is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker, he has made 20 documentary films. He lectured for 10 years at the Institut Européen de Cinéma et d’Audiovisuel (IECA), in Nancy, France.

Ia Greiff

She is an independent documentary filmmaker, photographer, and project leader to several projects, she studied documentary filmmaking in Stockholm. She studied human rights and documentary filmmaking at röda korset folkhögskola, Stockholm.

Jamshed Ahmed Khan

He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, scriptwriter, and research journalist, he wrote several TV serials and his 1st book got the best book of the year award. He studied documentary filmmaking at röda korset folkhögskola, Stockholm.

Hassan Muhammad

He is an independent event manager, and project leader to many international projects, related to culture and integration in Sweden.