A Place Among…

A PLACE AMONG THE DEAD is a genre-bending art film, which explores the repercussions of growing up under the sway of narcissism and psychological abuse. In this revealing, terrifying, entirely scripted, meld of fact, fiction, and the fantastical, actress/filmmaker “Jules,” driven by the demons of her past, embarks on a journey at the potential cost of everything she knows and loves.
Director: Juliet Landau
Writer: Juliet Landau, Juliet Landau
Producer: Juliet Landau, Deverill Weekes, Jack Baric, Gilbert & Seligman Ashley Friedman
Key Cast
Juliet Landau
Gary Oldman
Robert Patrick
Ron Perlman
Anne Rice
Joss Whedon
Charlaine Harris
Festival Status: Winner, Best First Feature Film, Best Actress Feature Film.


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