A Little Deja Vu

What happens behind the scenes of the shows we watch on TV? Why does it feel like everything in them is a deja vu? What if it is because they are all created by the same people? Literally…”A little Deja Vu” gives us an ironic look at what happens on the other side of our TV screens. Your average guy gets comfy on the couch for another mindless evening in front of the telly. Take-out on the table, he reaches for the remote. On the other side, inside the TV, the people that make the shows get ready for another evening of frantic costumes, scenic panels, wigs, and settings changes. They stretch and warm up. Guy turns the TV on and starts to lazily scroll through all the channels, while for the people inside, the madness begins…
Director: Anna Lia ALVISI
Writer: Anna Lia ALVISI
Key Cast.
Peter Del Core
Lina Paula Santos
Sarsha Worley-Deufel
Sarah Donnelly
Emily Kiss
Claire Johnston
Caleb Marshall
Heather Boulter
Samuel Riddlestone-Holmes
Festival Status: Winner, Best First Music Video


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