Synopsis Mariangula, an obsessed lady, to win she will do everything in


Synopsis In a world in ruins, economically annihilated, devastated by the germ

Trump America

Synopsis Journalists Maxine Hughes and Jason Edwards journey across the USA in

Covid, y Jab a Ni

Synopsis An investigative look at the rise in vaccine hesitancy, and the

The Harvest

Synopsis Mahmut is an old man who lives in the village of


Synopsis Ligia decides to pay tribute to her deceased husband and wants

Alone beneath…

Synopsis At the beginning of winter, beyond the Arctic Circle, I open


Synopsis The family moves into the new house that was built, where

The Laws of…

Synopsis This story takes place on Earth 150 million years ago. At


Synopsis World War II was a great chapter not just for the


Synopsis “BECOMING THE NIGHTMARE” from the debut solo album NEVER AFTER by

Beautiful Violence

Synopsis A powerful and gripping story about a white terminally ill businessman

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